Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craving For Chicken Wings?

One of the best parts of a chicken would be the wings. Despite the fact that it's a bit difficult to eat, it can give you that satisfaction which no other chicken part can probably give.This is probably one of those reasons why people still crave for chicken wings. In America, for example, people enjoy delicious chicken wings with a special sauce coated on the wings and a delicious dip that blends well with the flavor of the chicken wings. One of the most famous types of chicken wings would be the New York Buffalo wings. Usually, the chicken wing sauce would be a mixture of hot sauce, butter, and other spices. It is usually dipped in a blue cheese dressing. But, we're not in America, are we? This is the Philippines, and we love something different. We want something with a twist, without sacrificing the lovely flavors given by the authentic version. This is exactly what Flaming Wings offer.

Most of the students at Katipunan and at Taft may know this food place.Flaming Wings offers delicious food which are affordable enough even for students. Flaming Wings offers a delicious array of dishes, from yummy pasta to delectable desserts. Of course, the must-try of this place is their Buffalo, New York style chicken wings. You can order it and choose your sauce and your dip to go with your chicken. This is what's good about Flaming Wings' chicken wings. You can mix and match your chicken, sauce, and dip and experiment on which sauce and dip go perfectly together. They have sauces such as 'Original' for those who want the authentic Buffalo chicken wing taste and 'Wild' for those who want it extra hot. As for the dips, they have delicious ones such as the original blue cheese, aioli, ranch, and wasabi mayo. Whatever sauce and dip you choose, it's guaranteed to be delicious and mouthwatering.

Flaming Wings has promo meals such as the Tender meal and the Wing meal. The Tender meal comes with delicious chicken breast strips (with the sauce and dip of your choice), rice, and a drink. The Wing meal comes with 2 pieces of chicken wings (with the sauce and dip of your choice), rice, and a drink. For 120 php, it really is not that bad. It's light on the budget and delicious at the same time.

Here's the mix and match we made on our wing meal. We also had a delicious dessert to end our meal with a yummy bang:

Wing Meal, 120 php (Drink-Red Iced Tea, Sauce-Mild n' Sweet, Dip-Ranch), add 25 php to upgrade rice to Pomme Frites, add 30 php to upgrade rice to mashed potato

Glutton Guy: Whenever I eat at Flaming Wings, I always order my favorite Mild n' Sweet sauce and my favorite Ranch dip. The sauce and the dip complemented each other very well. The sauce had that kick but not too much as to make it overwhelming. It also had that sweetness that I like very much. The dip had that sour taste and that tangy-ness that blends well when you dip the chicken to it. The chicken had that crispy outside and a soft and tender inside. You would really gobble it all up and leave only the bones on your plate. That's exactly what I did, at least. I'm not much of a fan of the mashed potato, though. It had that herby taste which I though was a bit weird. Plus, the potato strips on top was not crispy at all. The red iced tea was a bit bland for me. But, overall, the meal was delicious. Clap clap for Flaming Wings' Wing meal. : )

Glutton Girl: The Wing meal for me is a really great dish, price wise and flavor wise. You really get a reasonable amount of chicken wings. Some food places serve chicken wings that are only of small portions. The Mild n' Sweet sauce was great for my taste buds. It wasn't too spicy, but it had a bit of spiciness that blends well with the sweetness. I really liked the mix of those flavors when I eat the chicken. The dip was also wonderful. There even was a time that I was just scooping a bit of the dip on its own. When you dip the chicken and eat it, you would have that burst of flavors that just blends altogether perfectly. I didn't like the mashed potato. It had a very different taste from the usual mashed potato that I get. I also found the red iced tea to be a bit bland. It didn't taste like that the last time I ate at Flaming Wings. However, it didn't upset my meal. It was still a satisfying Wing meal for me.

Wicked Oreos, 75 php

Glutton Guy: A Flaming Wings experience would not be complete without having a try at their famous Wicked Oreos. I order this dessert everytime I visit Flaming Wings. I just couldn't get enough of it. I actually want to do this at home. But, I guess I can't do it as delicious as Flaming Wings does. I loved the hot Oreos and how it complemented well with the cold vanilla ice cream. It's best eaten when you, with your spoon, get a small portion of the hot Oreos and a scoop of the yummy and creamy ice cream. Wicked Oreos is a heavenly dessert. It also is beautifully presented with candy sprinkles on top. It's perfect for sharing with friends. : )

Glutton Girl: It's absolutely a wonderful treat. I tell you, when you mix deep fried Oreos and ice cream you're gonna get one hell of a dessert. The deep fried Oreos are hot when served, which makes it really yummy. The ice cream is also very delicious. It's cold and blends well with the deep fried Oreos. The powder sprinkled around the dish is wonderful. The candy sprinkles add color to the dessert. For 75 php, it really is an affordable dessert since it's great for sharing as well. I would exchange a slice of cake for this for dessert. If you aren't satisfied with Flaming Wings' Wicked Oreos, I really don't know what will.

Whenever you are craving for delicious chicken wings, Flaming Wings is one of those food places you should try. It's yummy and it absolutely gives you your value for your money. It also is not something usual, so you would really keep coming back for it once you've tasted it. Plus, it gives you that freedom to choose what flavors you would want on your chicken, whether you like it sweet, a bit spicy, or extraordinarily hot. That's one good thing that Flaming Wings does. Aside from the chicken wings, they also have other bestsellers such as their pasta dishes that are also worth trying. If there's one thing to say about Flaming Wings' chicken it's this - It's one of the best chicken wings in town! ^_^

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(Flaming Wings has 3 branches: 1. Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (near Pizza Hut), 2. Ancher's Nook Dorm, 5624 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila (Behind Yellow Cab), and 3. Phase III 302 A. Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yen Yen is Yum Yum!

When we hear the words 'street food', we usually think of food carts that wander around the streets. We associate these street foods to foods like fish balls, squid balls, kikiams, tokneneng, balot, one day old, and the like. We call them street foods because obviously, we find them being sold at streets almost everywhere in the Metro. However, these street foods have also been associated to numerous diseases such as diarrhea, food poisoning, and hepatitis. This is because of the 'dirty' stuff street vendors use. Sometimes, they use cooking oil which has been used a lot of times, or not-so-safe ingredients such as double dead meat or 'magic sugar', rendering the food unsafe for the stomach. If this is so, then why do people still flock these food carts to buy these unsafe foods? The answer is pure and simple, street foods are very delicious that resisting them is a hard task to accomplish. However, not all street foods are unsafe to eat. In fact, we found one food place that sells delicious and clean dishes that you will surely love.

 We found a delicious food place at Quezon City. It is located at Granada street at Gilmore. You can reach the place by riding the the LRT Line 2 and going down at the Gilmore station. But, you will still have to walk a long way to reach the place. It is much better to go there from EDSA, as it is just around 10 minutes from Greenhills Shopping Center. The name of the place is Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food. It doesn't look like a street food place at all. Plus, the food they serve does not resemble street food. But, they're absolutely delicious.

The place is just small. There are around 4-5 tables that can accommodate around 20 persons. The people there are very friendly and are attentive to our orders. They are very courteous and they make suggestions as to what would please your appetite. Most of the dishes there are delicious, though. So, you really won't have a hard time choosing what you will eat. Not only are the dishes delicious, they are also very affordable. Most, if not all of the dishes are less than 200 pesos. So, you'll really have your money's worth at Yen Yen.

Excited to know what we tried? Well, here goes (Each meal comes with a free bowl of soup):

Green Iced Tea, 28 php

Glutton Guy and Glutton Girl: Nothing beats a cool and refreshing iced tea. We have always ordered this as our drink whenever we eat out. To make it different this time, we got a green iced tea for a drink. Green tea, based on what we know, is actually healthier than regular iced tea. The color just changed, but the taste is still the same. It is very cool and very refreshing. It's perfect with a delicious meal at Yen Yen. : )

Fried Wontons (8 pcs.), 88 php

Glutton Guy: I ordered fried wontons for appetizer. According to the menu, it's one of their best-sellers. I didn't hesitate to try it because I'm a fan of wontons. I usually order this with noodles. The fried ones are very different. It tasted like lumpiang shanghai. The fried wrapper was very crunchy while the filling inside was hot and delicious. However, it didn't really stick to me. It was just an okay dish. It might be a best-seller, but I really didn't fall in love with this dish. : )

Glutton Girl: The fried wontons were very delicious. It's very different from the wontons that I usually taste at other restaurants. They have a very crunchy outside which I liked a lot. I didn't like the sauce, though. It tasted more like ketchup with water. I didn't really like the taste, so I ate the wontons without any sauce. However, without the sauce, it still tasted delicious. I liked it very much.

Pork Chop Rice, 88 php (Topping), 128 php (Meal)

Glutton Girl: I ordered Yen Yen's pork chop meal because it's one of their best-sellers. It is also one of the dishes that is being advertised in their posters. No wonder it's a best-seller. The pork chop was very very delicious. The breading they used was very flavorful. It was very crunchy, which means that the pork was cooked perfectly. The inside was tender and very soft. It wasn't difficult to chew at all. What I liked about the pork chop was that it was mostly meat and less of the fat and the bones. The rice was also a lot. The sauce was the same as the wontons, so I didn't dare try it with the pork chop. It was a well-seasoned pork. I liked it very much. It's absolutely a must-try at Yen Yen.

Crispy Fish Fillet Rice, 158 php

Glutton Guy: I ordered their fish fillet. I was surprised when they served it to me. It was a big slab of fish fillet with a lot of rice as well. The fish fillet was very crunchy outside while the fish inside was very hot, fluffy, and soft. I also didn't like the sauce because it gave the fish a very unappealing taste. It's still perfect without the sauce. It might be 158 pesos, but the serving is really big. The stir fried noodles on the side was also delicious. The vegetables had that crunch as well which I liked a lot. You should also try this dish at Yen Yen. You will definitely have your stomachs full with their crispy fish fillet meal. : )

Yen Yen may not be street food material, but they have one thing in common. They both offer affordable and delicious foods that are sure to be tried again and again and again. We only tasted a few of their dishes. But, we're pretty sure that most of the dishes are worth trying even though we haven't tried them yet. It might be a difficult place to find, but finding it is worth it when you try their delectable dishes. If Taiwan had street foods like this, I'm on the first flight there. One ticket to Taiwan, please!

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food is located at 96 Granada street, Gilmore, Quezon City. It's just beside an auto shop. Like we have said in our blog, it's easier to get there from EDSA. Just go straight along Ortigas Avenue, pass Greenhills, and straight when you reach the intersection of Ortigas Avenue and Santolan Road. If you follow these directions, you can find it on your left side.)

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