Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's A Coca-Cola Wonderland!

It's not uncommon to taste dishes with a splash of Sprite or a hint of cola. Restaurant chefs use these carbonated drinks as marinade or as an ingredient for their specialties. Some might find it vaguely intriguing, others insanely weird. There are, of course, the curious type who find it rather unique and amusing. While sodas add flavor to certain types of dishes, we are more comfortable seeing it with ice inside a glass. The fact that we grew up in a country where Coca-Cola is predominant in every meal table proves this. But, if you really want to taste good food with cola in it, we suggest going to a food place at Tomas Morato.

Located at the second floor of Il Terrazzo is a diner known as The Real Thing. The name of the place might sound familiar, it being a former tagline of a popular cola brand. Yes, The Real Thing is what we would call a Coca-Cola wonderland. The place is full of Coke memorabilia and Coca-Cola items that every collector would want. From stuffed toys, to glasses, to Coca-Cola cans and miniature bottles, The Real Thing has all of these in display for customers to admire. If that doesn't make you awe in amazement, try looking at their menu. Most dishes here at The Real Thing is inspired by Coke or any product of the company. Where else would you see Eight O'Clock Chicken or Royal Tru-Orange Prokchop on the menu?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breakfast's In The Bag!

Pandesal would always be associated to breakfast. This small, round bread, which has been present since the Spanish times, is a Filipino favorite in every breakfast table. Despite the rise in prices of bread today, people still manage to buy some of this delicious bread at their local bakeshops. If there's one question that we would like to know about this yummy breakfast treat, it's this: "What would be the future of our very own pandesal?"

In the very unassuming road of Julia Vargas lies a food haven most people wouldn’t think of. Popularly known as “Home Depot”, this place has become one of the go-to places for foodies who want to try something new, or corporate slaves who just want to have a good fun night. The place comes alive during night time, but little do we know that during the morning, there’s a quaint bread place that offers hearty breakfast sets everyone ought to try.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Burger-filled Boulevard

What makes a great burger? Oftentimes, people say it's all about the patty. Others say it's the cheese that makes it work. Others say it's the sauce that brings it all together. While most burgers have all these, it all boils down to which burger offers the best flavor at the most affordable price. There are already a handful of notable burger places in the Metro. No, we're not talking about Jollibee or McDonald's, or even Burger King. We're talking about unique burger places that serve mouth-watering burgers. One's just along Xavierville Avenue.

If you're the type who wants twists to your burgers, then Boulevard Diner is the perfect place for you. Located within the Katipunan/Loyola Heights area, this burger place has been fulfilling burger cravings since October of 2010. With unique burger concepts, Boulevard Diner has created a big market for die-hard burger fans who are looking for something better than the usual hamburger or cheeseburger. Mind you, these burgers aren't for the faint of heart. Boulevard Diner's burgers are packed with flavors that will surely give you an unforgettable burger dining experience.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sonja Does It Best

Cupcakes can be an obsession. Just like ice cream and candy bars, if they are not taken lightly, they can be addictive. But, you shouldn't try to resist them. They are in fact, for some people, comfort food. Usual cupcakes would consist of frosting and cake decorations, such as fondant, syrup, or candy sprinkles. Regardless of what they place on top, cupcakes can be a delight to eat, especially when they're perfectly baked. There are a lot of notable cupcake shops around the Metro. But, if you haven’t tried Sonja’s cupcakes, then you've been missing out.

Cupcakes by Sonja has been occupying that quaint spot in Serendra ever since the mall-residence hybrid opened, and it has gained popularity proportional to what Serendra is now. From being a mere hobby of a lady living in Serendra, the store has become the go-to cupcake place for celebrations and special occasions, or even when you just feel like rewarding yourself with royal cupcake goodness. There’s no surprise to this though; one bite in their cupcakes and you’ll understand the craze.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singaporean Breakfast at the Heart of Ortigas

Breakfast, as they say, is the most important part of the day. This is because breakfast gives you that boost of energy that will make you ready for school or for work. A Pinoy breakfast would usually consist of eggs, hot dogs, hot pandesal, and a cup of coffee. Sometimes there would be tocino, tuyo, tapa, or sardines. Most Filipinos who have the colonial mentality would go for foreign-inspired breakfasts such as waffles, pancakes, bagels, and the like. There are a lot of good food places that offer those kinds of food. But, when you're looking for a place that’s open as early as 7am but not as full as Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, then head over to Escriva Drive and grab a fix of your light Singaporean breakfast fare.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a franchise from Singapore and has numerous branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. It offers a variety of toasts and drinks, most famous of which are the Kaya Toast and the Milo Dinosaur. And because they are the most-loved items in the menu, we decided to try those, along with others we’d like to try. Maybe this Singaporean treat is something new to you. If you haven't heard of it, Kaya Toast is a  notable snack amongst people at Singapore and Malaysia. It's bread (or toast, or 'tasty', as our locals would call it) with a spread of coconut milk, eggs, butter, and other flavorings. Because it's so good, it's not surprising that it made all this way to the Philippines for Pinoys to try out.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bar Dolci: Making Life Sweeter

The gelato craze has been going on for quite a while. With the emergence of Cara Mia, Gelatissimo and Cafe Ti Amo, Filipinos are getting more acquainted with the difference that gelato offers. Gelato is basically ice cream in Italian, but what makes it different is that it has lesser fat content (about 5-7%) compared to the normal ice cream (about 10%). This is because the whole milk-cream ratio is higher in gelato than that of the normal ice cream. So yes, you who's on a diet, you can eat gelato because it's "healthier". Haha! Despite the influx of gelaterias in the metro, there's one that stood out amongst everyone: BAR DOLCI.

Situated in the posh area called Burgos Circle, Bar Dolci offers to-die-for gelato, heavenly macaroons, and other tasty pastries. For our visit though, we just tried their gelato (a lot of flavors at that!). We'll try the macaroons and pastries next time. :) The place gives that chic ambiance which gives a 'sophisticated' gelato dining experience. It's comfy enough for people who want to have long chats and discussions in the place. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Having the Best of 'Both Worlds'

It's rare that you find history in food places around Metro Manila. Well, we still have food places such as the Aristocrat and Savory, not to mention food places around the Walled City. Most of the time, however, it's the fast-food chains that are being given attention because of their affordable price, accessible location, and speedy service. As a result, we seldom get the chance to eat food that's well prepared and has a touch of history in it. The world is becoming fast-paced, and the city is not an exception. It's not too late to try and discover what the Metro can REALLY offer, though. So, if you have the time, head on over to Manila, specifically to Recto.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Recto is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant named Ambos Mundos. If you're unfamiliar with it, Ambos Mundos is a food place located at Florentino Torres Street in Manila that serves Spanish and Filipino delicacies worthy to feed your hungry appetite. It's quite difficult to find, and honestly, it took us a while before we found the place. Despite the location, Ambos Mundos offers delicious dishes that would make you fall in love with Spanish-Filipino food. In fact, the delicious food is not the only thing Ambos Mundos can boast about. This food place has actually served hungry Filipino tummies since 1888! Now that's a feat to beat! Ambos Mundos is a Spanish term that translates to "Both Worlds" in English. According to our research, it was named as such because the owners wanted to show the fusion of Filipino and Spanish culture through the dishes they offered. This is apparent, as the place was established during the Spanish occupation. From then until now, Ambos Mundos continues to affirm in this standard in every dish they serve to their customers.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A 'Seductive' Twist to Scrumptious Dishes

Seduction isn't always bad. There are times when all you can do is to just give in. Sometimes, it can bring something good, something different. And when it's different, it's bound to intrigue foodies like us. Food that's unique and out-of-the-box are the ones we always want to try. Let us make it simpler for you - yes, food can offer seduction. Have you guys ever heard of the term "aphrodisiac"? Well, the word applies to dishes that can stimulate sexual desires from both men and women. Although it's not scientifically proven, aphrodisiac dishes have made a reputation of making sex more reachable and pleasurable. Wanna know what dishes can stimulate your sexual urges? Tell you what, you could get a hint at this food place.

Gayuma ni Maria isn't an amateur in the food business. This out-of-the-box restaurant has found a new spot at V. Luna Extension at Sikatuna Village in Quezon City. It was previously located at Esteban Abada Street at Katipunan (it was then known simply as Gayuma), then at Granada Street near Gilmore (it then changed its name to Cucina Gayuma). With the many change of locations, you might think that it's not the Gayuma that people have come to love. But, in all honesty, we can say that it still offers the same delicious food with the same unique concept.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gobble Up Some Gorky's!

With the plethora of Italian restaurants here in the metro, it's difficult to distinguish the taste of the food these restaurants offer. The most that we can classify them is high-end, middle-class, and low-end. You've got the affordable Italian food chains like Greenwich and Sbarro, then you have the so-so priced but really good Italian food like Amici and A Veneto. Then you have the likes of Italianni's and California Pizza Kitchen which charge for what the level of goodness they offer. Our newest find, Gorky's, falls in the middle-class section because of price and a little bit in the flavor, but not so much in the aesthetics department. Here's why.

Gorky's Pizzeria is just a small place located along Pasong Tamo Extension. Based on our estimate, it can seat around 25 people max. Good thing we got there around 2 in the afternoon so we avoided the lunch hour. We can't imagine eating in the place with so many people; we won't be able to breathe (not to mention the heat nowadays hahaha). Another bad thing: the air-con was not turned on. They claimed it was, but we knew it wasn't. The place is so small that a normal air-conditioning would easily keep the room cold. But no, it was bordering to humid inside. We even asked the waitress to turn the fan/cooler towards our direction and let it stay there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serving Only The Finest: Kitchen's Best

They say you have to end everything with a sweet note, and that also applies in eating. Dessert is one of the must-haves every after meal, and cakes are one of the most common ones we have. One slice of sweet goodness will surely erase the bad memory of a bad meal, or heighten the satisfaction of an already great meal. While cakes are generally good (making them a safe bet for desserts), not all can be called "the best". Luckily, we stumbled upon a quaint but apparently very known cake place along Pasong Tamo Extension: Kitchen's Best, and they sure have the right to claim "good" in its superlative form.

The place is very regal. The seats were a combination of huge, comfortable sofas and those high, wooden chairs (painted white) with cushions fit for royalty. Huge crystal chandeliers were hanging above the customers, giving the restaurant the dim but yellow-ish light feel. Magazines were spread on the coffee tables, making the customers feel like they're in a coffee shop, only better. Prototypes of their best-selling and award-winning cakes were displayed near the entrance, showcased alongside the actual trophies they received. Several write-ups and features from numerous magazines were also posted on the walls. If a lot of people gave this cake place recognition, then it must be really good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Drinks? Happy Lemon. Happy You!

Move over soda. Tea is the new 'in' thing. In a matter of months tea stores have been emerging all over Metro Manila. More and more people are patronizing this wondrous drink (which, by the way has versions from China, Japan, and Thailand) not only because it is a perfect drink for a hot day, but also because of its refreshing taste and the health benefit it gives. Just imagine a serving of milk tea - you have the good things you get from tea, plus the good things you get from milk all combined in one glass. Rather than drinking softdrinks, the health conscious nowadays would opt to drink a glass of tea. It is so good that people aren't just contented with tea alone. Because people love to experiment, tea places today add delicious ingredients such as chocolate flavor and could you believe it, even Yakult, to the products they sell so that it becomes a bit different without compromising on the perks tea provides. With all the different tea stores out there, we bet you're kinda confused on which tea place to try out first. Well, we already tried Serenitea (you could find our review on our previous posts hahaha). But, it wouldn't hurt to give you guys a choice. So, here's another tea place that you could try out.

Happy Lemon is a talked about tea place at Greenhills. No wonder this place is getting a lot of great reviews. Every drink here is a must-try! Based on our research, Happy Lemon in Greenhills is a franchise of the Happy Lemon in Hong Kong owned by no other than Chris Tiu and some of his buddies. What makes the place even more interesting is the lemon-haired mascot enticing you to try the place out. She has a wink that looks like a 'less than' sign and her face can be found on almost every corner of the place and on every cup of Happy Lemon products.  Based on our personal experience, we really had a hard time choosing which drink to order. This is because every drink we saw seemed delicious. Being fans of tea (milk tea to be exact), we just couldn't let the opportunity to have a try at the delicious Happy Lemon drinks pass. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Bucketful of Sunrise, A Pocketful of Sunshine

Mouthwatering and irresistible Buffalo wings. That's what we always expect whenever we visit a food place that claims they have the best chicken wings in town. We gotta admit, most of what we tried aren't kidding at all. With the unique taste of their wings, they're bound to bring more customers to their place. If you ask us what the perfect chicken wing would taste like, we might not be able to answer you. Each chicken wings place we tried has that uniqueness that stands out from the others. What we can tell you, though, is what to expect at a chicken wings place, that is, if the chicken is tasty, if the sauce is delicious, if the skin is crispy, and if the dip goes well with the chicken. That's our job as food bloggers in the first place. To give you an example, we'll feature a chicken wings place that we think you might just love.

Just along Ortigas Avenue near Greenhills is a chicken wings place known as Sunrise Buckets. From it's name you wouldn't quite realize that it offers chicken wings. But, it already has attracted some loyal customers from nearby schools and establishments. Sunrise Buckets offers affordable and delicious chicken wings that you will surely add to your chicken wings list. The food place made sure that their wings would be close to the taste of the authentic Buffalo wings abroad. Sunrise Buckets actually categorizes their chicken wings into 3 - Awesome, Wipeout, and Cloud 9.  Included in the Awesome list are those that are suited for the Pinoy taste. Wipeout flavors are those that are similar to the American flavors. Cloud 9 are original flavors of Sunrise Buckets. Whichever flavor you choose, you won't regret it because every category has a best-seller. In fact, most of the flavors are must-tries. Aside from chicken wings, Sunrise Buckets also has burgers, shakes, and floats to satisfy every hungry customer. There absolutely is no excuse for you not to try this place out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Ain't Your Average Burger Place

Nothing beats a good ol' burger for a snack. You'd be lying when you say that you haven't craved for that delicious beef patty with the crunchy lettuce and the yummy burger sauce sandwiched in a bun. It wouldn't be surprising to note that because of its delicious taste and convenience, burger places can be seen almost anywhere. Some even offer buy 1 take 1 burgers for as low as 20 pesos. Of course, there are the burger stalls such as BurMa (this is the 'sosyal' way of calling Burger Machine hahahaha) and Minute Burger. Oh, and let's not take the Burger McDo's and the Regular Yum's out of the long list. But, what makes a delicious burger? We've seen, and probably tried, a lot of burgers out there. And to tell you honestly, it has become a bit overrated. At the end of the day, no matter which burger place you choose, a burger won't be a burger without the usual patty, the usual stuff inside the burger such as the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese (more commonly known as TLC), and the usual sesame seed bun. So, what else can a burger offer? Well, a burger place at Makati can tell you just that.

Located at A Venue Mall at Makati Avenue is a burger place named Burger Avenue. Don't underestimate this food place, because despite its small size it already has acquired quite a number of followers. Burger Avenue actually capitalized on one aspect other burger joints in the Metro are having a hard time doing - being unique. Burger Avenue does its very best in serving delicious and affordable food while making sure that every burger will not just be a burger, but a Burger Avenue burger.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanna Have a 'Wicked' Meal?

Define 'wicked'. Well, according to the dictionary, 'wicked' is an adjective which denotes evil or mischievousness. This adjective often applies to evil people or entities such as witches and demons. But, if you've been studying your English, the term 'wicked' could also be used as a New England slang to add emphasis to what you're saying. In fact, the word is actually synonymous to 'really' and 'very'. So, if you want to say that the food you're eating is fantastic, but you want to say it in a manner different from how you usually sat it, you could say "That was some wicked food!". Well, with a lot of good food places around the Metro, you might just need to prepare yourself in saying this more often, especially when you eat at a restaurant where the 'wicked' word is not only for the delicious food. It's actually the name of the place.

Just within the the vicinity of the ABS-CBN compound is a food place named Wicked Kitchen. It's not that big a place, but people keep coming back to the place for their delicious dishes. In fact, they have already opened a branch at Katipunan Avenue to cater to more avid customers. Wicked Kitchen is a restaurant that serves delicious food during the day and more of an 'inuman' place during the night. But, the place is most famous for some of their rice meals and their desserts. They have a really diverse menu that would give you a hard time in choosing what to eat. The servings here are also quite large, so you definitely won't have a problem when you want to be really full afterwards. The menu at Wicked Kitchen offers a variety of dishes ranging from delicious Western food to scrumptious Pinoy meals with a Wicked Kitchen twist. As compared to other food places that serve the similar dishes, Wicked Kitchen is more on the affordable side. It offers yummy dishes that you'll surely like at not-so-expensive rates.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chinese Dining...Hawker-Style

Chinese food has been embedded in the Pinoy's dining culture. Whether we like it or not, a lot of the dishes we cook and taste are Chinese inspired. In fact, some of our cooking techniques we even get from them. Chinese dishes are best known for the variety in flavors (and also the insurmountable use of MSG...well, it's a bit exaggerated, but you get the point). The Chinese are very good in integrating flavors, whether it's sweet, sour, salty, or spicy. Here in the Metro, there really is no difficulty in looking for outstanding Chinese food. Metro Manila has a lot of Chinese restaurants that you could choose from. But, when you want the real authentic Chinese food, there's only one place to go - Binondo.

Binondo, Manila, also known to many as the Philippines' "Chinatown", is the place to be when it comes to everything Chinese. Every nook and cranny of Binondo depicts it rich history and Chinese culture. It also is the haven of delectable and authentic Chinese cuisine. If you're asking where to get the best siomai, the most delicious siopao, the most succulent mami or congee, or even the freshest baked hopia, Binondo is the place you're looking for. The busy streets of Binonso are home to the many food places, from the high-end Chinese restaurants to typical carinderias or food stalls. Regardless of where you decide to dine, every restaurant serves the most delicious Chinese goodies. But, if you're more of the budget type, and you want affordable Chinese food, don't fret. We know a food place at Binondo that could be just right for you.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Exceptional Ramen Rave-iew!

Japanese food, you ask? Well, that's really not much of a problem, especially here in the Metro. With the emergence of Japanese food places such as Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy, and Tempura, people would definitely not have a hard time looking for delicious and close to authentic Japanese dishes. One noticeable thing about Japanese cuisine is that they are offered in big servings. Restaurants would usually serve Japanese dishes in a big bowl (a good example would be Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Remix bowl). But, big servings don't usually come without a price. A bowl of this yummy Japanese goodness would usually cost you around 200 to 300 pesos. The good thing, however, is that it's worth the price you paid for, not like some restaurants that focus more on presentation and ambiance. Now, we bet you wanna know if there's a Japanese restaurant somewhere around Metro Manila that would absolutely satisfy your Japanese cravings without sacrificing a lot of what's inside your wallet. Well, our answer is....YES.

Just along Araneta Avenue is a Japanese food place named Atsu Atsu Ramen. The place might seem a bit out of place because it's beside truck dealers. It actually is the only food place in that area. But, it is amazing how they, despite the geographical situation they are in, managed to stick that Japanese aura in their food place. The entrance definitely looks like an old Japanese house with Japanese lanterns adorning the door. We have actually done a little bit of research (since we really were curious what the name means). We found out that Atsu Atsu in Japanese means "very hot". Obviously, it is usually used for hot Japanese soups like udon and ramen. According to tradition, atsu atsu dishes stimulate the appetites of the Japanese people during winter. Well, with Atsu Atsu Ramen's delicious dishes, you really won't need a change in season to stimulate your appetite.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Merry Munching at Mercato Centrale

It's always a nice and satisfying thing to eat comforting food at a delicious food place. You probably have experienced those moments when you just crave for something good that you won't stop until you get the food you want so bad. Sometimes, however, there's the bad part wherein you want so many things and one can be bought here, another one there, and another one two blocks away. Simply put, all these good food that you keep looking for are not located on just one store alone. Yes, that could be a really big hassle. Well, what if you take all these yummy food recommends, not to mention those you've been craving for, and place them in one spot? Wouldn't that be even more fun and convenient all at the same time? 

This is exactly what came into the minds of the people who established the Mercato Centrale at the Bonifacio Global City at Taguig. To tell you honestly, they did a pretty good job in gathering these great food finds. Practically everything in there is a must-try. We actually had a hard time choosing what to buy because of all the mouth-watering food that we saw. Mercato Centrale has it all - burgers, chicken, wraps, cakes, breads, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, vegetables, processed food, you name it. You will simply be awed at what this food spot can offer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Road to Singaporean Yummy-ness

If there's one nearby country that's a big hit among Pinoy tourists, it's gotta be Singapore. It's just a few hours away from the Philippines and it has a lot to offer when it comes to sights and scenes. One good thing Singapore can offer would be the delectable food. Singaporean cuisine is actually a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Indonesian influences, due to the fact that Singapore is a very diverse country. So, just imagine the loads of food you could try when you're there. People who have been there, however, would tell you that Singaporean food is expensive. But, they have hawker centers scattered around the streets of Singapore where you can taste authentic and cheap Singaporean food. These hawker centers are what we commonly know as 'food courts'. You don't, however, have to dine at these hawker centers to taste delicious Singaporean food. You don't even have to go to Singapore just to accomplish this task. All you have to do is take a ride to SM Megamall.

Located at the second floor of the mall, Orchard Road continues to invite people to try delicious and authentic Singaporean food. Yes, the name of the place sounds very familiar, it being one of the most popular roads in Singapore. Orchard Road offers a wide array of dishes to satisfy your hungry stomach. Prices here are average, some are cheap, some a bit expensive for the serving size. Nevertheless, everything is worth trying at Orchard Road. It's all about the taste and the authenticity of the dish.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thai Dara: 'Healthy' Thai Food at its Finest

It's really hard to resist Thai food. Every Thai dish is packed with flavors that will surely make your appetite satisfied. The good thing about Thai food is that it always offers a variety of flavors, from the sweet, to the sour, to the salty, and to the spicy. It doesn't rely on one flavor alone. With the help of Thai spices, Thai cuisine really takes eating up a notch. Flavor-wise, it is definitely one of the best dishes a foodie must try. Every Thai dish is a recommended one, regardless of which Thai restaurant serves it.

The continuous craving for delicious Thai food brought us to a Thai place at Granada street. It may not sound very familiar, but Thai Dara is one of those places where you can get authentic Thai dishes. When you taste Thai Dara's food, you'll feel that you're really having a meal at Thailand. The spices they use are imported from Bangkok, which makes Thai Dara's dishes very close to the original. What's even better is that you can have these dishes for a very affordable price. Every dish is less than 300 pesos, with every dish good for 3 to 4 persons. If that's not enough, Thai Dara's dishes are certified healthy. Thai Dara uses no MSG and no lard in cooking their dishes. So, you are sure to get delicious and authentic Thai dishes that's fat free and light on the budget at the same time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BonChon: A Chicken That's Hard to Resist

How can you make chicken irresistible? Simple. You just have to make it worth eating. And when you say that you have to make a chicken worth eating, it has to offer something new to the Filipino taste buds. It has to be uniquely exciting, especially for food lovers like us. So, have you ever heard of chicken that's twice fried? You might actually doubt the process, thinking that the chicken might get overcooked. Well, to tell you honestly, it's not. In fact, it actually makes the chicken healthier to eat, without cutting on the flavor. This is actually what Koreans do to their chicken.

Korean fried chicken is already becoming a big hit, not only in Korea, but in other parts of the globe as well. In the United States, for example, Korean fried chicken was actually voted the best chicken. Then came the success of the famous BonChon Chicken. Fortunately for us, we don't have to fly all the way to Korea or to the United States to taste this delectable dish. BonChon Chicken already has 2 branches here in the Philippines, and both are in Makati. We actually visited their Greenbelt branch to have a go at the delicious chicken people have been raving about. You might mistake BonChon Chicken for the oh-so-delicious Buffalo chicken wings, but they actually differ at some point. BonChon Chicken, like what we've said earlier, is twice fried chicken. The first fry is the frying process which removes the fat and makes the skin really crispy, while the second fry comes with the secret sauce. The result? Delicious Korean chicken wings that has less grease wrapped in a flavorful and crispy skin that you thought you could only find at Jollibee. BonChon chicken comes in two sauces, soy garlic and hot and spicy. As for the chicken part, they have chicken wings and drumsticks. Regardless which of the two sauces or which of the two chicken parts you choose, we guarantee that it will be very delicious. You may opt for the soy garlic sauce if you're not up for the spicy flavor of the hot and spicy sauce.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


To most hungry people, it's all about quantity when it comes to looking for a good food place. Most of the time, it all boils down to which food place can offer the most amount of servings at the lowest possible price. This is the reason why food places which serve the eat-all-you-can promo, or what we commonly know as buffet, continues to flourish in the Metro. Basically, a buffet is like a bottomless iced tea, for a fixed price you can eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, until you get full. There are, of course, downfalls to buffet. Firstly, they don't come really cheap. The cheapest lunch or dinner buffet in the Metro could actually cost 400++. There's a ++ because some restaurants don't include the service charge or the drinks in the buffet price. So, a complete buffet could actually cost as much as 600 pesos. Secondly, there's the value for money issue. Basically, what we're saying is just simple logic. If you're not that hungry, you won't even plan on eating at a buffet. This is because spending 400 or 500 pesos on a meal would not be worth it. The goal in a buffet is to have at least 2 to 3 full plates of food. That's when you say that you have wisely spent your money on a buffet. But of course, it all depends on the price. There's a buffet place that we tried which might not be that cheap, but really has a lot of delicious food to offer.

Yakimix is one of the fast-growing buffet places in the Metro. We actually would not be surprised if it's even more popular than Saisaki or Cabalen. What makes Yakimix different from other buffet places is variety. Yakimix offers Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dishes for customers to choose from. You'll be amazed when you enter the restaurant. There's a long line of raw foods that you can cook on your table on the smokeless grill. There are usual yet delicious dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings and your appetite such as tempura, fried pork lechon, and different types of rice. There's a sushi section where you can find the popular California Maki and Sashimi and the other never heard yet delicious sushis like the Hawaiian Maki and the Tuna Dynamite Maki. There's also a desserts section where it's practically a wonderland of sweets. They have fruits, cakes, flans, ice cream, anything that a person with a sweet tooth would crave for. So, you say it might be quite expensive, but looking on the brighter side, it's practically all you wished for in a buffet! What more could you actually ask for?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jus & Jerry's: Yummy Chinese Food Need Not Be Expensive

Chinese food is a very common cuisine in the Metro. If you haven't tried a bite at the yummy and flavorful Chinese dimsum, a plate of the delectable Yang Chow fried rice, or even a bowl of the delicious and hot congee, then believe us, you're missing a lot in life. The Pinoy culture has actually embraced the presence of Chinese cuisine. What's great about it is that every dish is always packed with flavors. Chinese people really know how to maximize the use of every ingredient, and they mix these ingredients with excellent cooking techniques. Nowadays, Chinese food can be bought almost anywhere. You can always find a Chinese food chain or a Chinese food cart or stall near your location. The only problem with these stalls and carts is that they're not authentic Chinese food. They might be the same siomai or chicken noodles, but they're not exactly the same as the Chinese would prepare them. If you decide to go to an authentic Chinese restaurant, you'll probably be charged by the hundreds. This dilemma gave us the urge to find a unique Chinese food place that offers dishes that are close to the authentic Chinese food and are affordable at the same time.

Of course, when you talk of Chinese food, or anything Chinese for that matter, Binondo would instantly pop-up in your mind. Chinatown is without a doubt THE place for authentic Chinese products. The food place we found, however, was not at Binondo, but near it. It's just actually within the UST area. The name of the food place is Jus & Jerry's Gourmet Chinese Food. It's named after the owners, Jus and Jerry (It's pronunced Jus, as in least that's what we realized hahaha At first we thought it was Jus, as in juice hahaha How should we know, right? hahaha). They've been serving delicious food to hungry customers within the UST area for quite some time now. The place is just small, and from afar it doesn't resemble a Chinese food place. But, the food they have is pretty much the one you should keep coming back for. It may not be the authentic Chinese food, but it's close enough. Jus & Jerry's also offers variety, serving not just Chinese food but other dishes as well, such as all-time Filipino favorites and sandwiches.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rockin' Good Way to Dine!

When we speak of diners, we would usually think of American meals like pancakes, burgers, sausages, and chicken wings. Diners here in the Metro would usually offer average-priced meals. They're not that cheap, but they offer dishes with American servings. When we say American servings, we mean big plates with lots of food. So, you could say that the meals at diners are affordable. But, there is one thing that differentiates the original American diner from the diners here in the Philippines - Pinoy meals. Yes, diners here offer variety. They serve not only delicious American dishes, they also offer dishes that are Filipino-inspired such as beef tapa, daing na bangus, and tocino - mostly Filipino breakfasts. One such food place is Mile-Hi Diner.

Mile-Hi Diner is located at Eastwood at Libis. This food place is not limited to Quezon City. It also has branches in Baguio, Tagaytay, and Taguig. They offer a wide assortment of dishes, from classic American diner meals, to Filipino breakfasts, to Mexican wrapped food. The dishes here are big in servings, just like the food you see at an average American diner (we actually mentioned this earlier hahahaha). It's may not be that cheap, but it really is very delicious. The good thing about the food is that it's available all day. Breakfast meals are available even during dinner time. You can even choose to have delicious and fluffy pancakes in the middle of the afternoon. To tell you honestly, nothing in the menu is not worth trying. So, it might not be a surprise if you're having a hard time in choosing what to eat.

The place, in our opinion, is not that diner-ish. For us, it's bit different from the typical diner. But, they do have some usual diner designs such as the black and white colored wall and leather seats. They also have nice lamps for every table which they didn't open yet since it was lunch time. The service was also really good. The waitress who served us during the duration of our visit was really accommodating. She made sure that we had a good time at Mile-Hi. Overall, the place really gave that comfortable and nice feel.

Here's what we both got:

Iced Tea, 35 php (Glass); 70 php (Bottomless)

Glutton Guy and Glutton Girl: To those who read our blog, it's not that surprising that we ordered iced tea for our beverage. It's always better for us to drink iced tea or juice rather than a glass of soda. It's just like the normal iced tea, however. Nothing great to expect about the drink. It was the typical and normal iced tea. They do have beers, though, for those who want to have some good time with friends. They also have milkshakes for those who want to have that really good diner experience. : )

Onion Rings, 130 php

Glutton Guy: When I ordered their onion rings, I didn't know that they would serve a big plate full of it. I think they sliced 2 big onions just to give us our order. What's good about this dish is that the rings are made from real onions. There are some onion rings that are made from artificial flavorings and flour, thus giving it a mushy texture. The batter of the onion rings was really delicious. It was spiced well and had that crunch when you eat it. The dip that came with the rings gave that kick which was very delicious. It really hyped the flavors of the onion rings. It was a really good starter for a diner meal. : )

Glutton Girl: I liked the onion rings of Mile-Hi. The onion rings were very crispy and very flavorful. They were perfectly cooked and chewy. The onions had that nice texture and they really had that crunch which I really liked. When the dish was served to us, it was a like a small mountain of onion rings on a plate. We didn't realize that it would be that much when Glutton Guy ordered it. Nevertheless, we had the appetite to finish it all up. The dip was also very delicious. I liked how it complemented the flavor of the onion rings. 

Beef Tapa Filipino Breakfast, 155 php

Glutton Guy: It actually is not my thing to order a Filipino breakfast at a diner. I would usually order American food, since it is a diner. But, when we were at Mile-Hi, I was persuaded to buy the beef tapa dish. The waitress said it was their best-seller among the Filipino breakfast meals. So, I decided to try it out. The servings was not that much, but it was served in a big plate so it would seem that it was a lot. The beef was tender and easy to eat. The flavor was really good. The fried rice was also very delicious. The tomatoes were fresh and very delicious as well. The egg was perfectly cooked. I liked it because the yolk was intact and the edge of the egg was a bit burned. Overall, everything on the plate really worked. I didn't regret ordering this dish. It really worked for me. : )

Glutton Girl: I also got the beef tapa dish. I really loved the dish. The beef had that really delicious flavor. There was that mixture of sweetness and saltiness that I really liked. It was cooked perfectly and it wasn't fatty at all. Adding some of the vinegar really made the beef more flavorful. The tomatoes really went well with the beef. I had doubts on eating the tomatoes because of the green color. But, it was really good. The egg on my dish was also very delicious. The rice for me wasn't that much, but it was like the punctuation mark in the sentence. There were crunchy bits of garlic that really gave the rice more flavor. It was a very satisfying meal for me.

Most people go to diners for the big servings of American diner food. But, it wouldn't hurt to try something that's uniquely ours. Having Filipino breakfasts at a place like Mile-Hi Diner can always be a satisfying experience. Not only do you get delicious meals that are really worth trying, you also get a heaping amount of it. If that's not enough to satisfy your stomach, we don't know what would. Try Mile-Hi's food and have a rockin' good diner experience!

Here's how we rated Mile-Hi Diner:



(Mile-Hi Diner has 5 branches: 1. Citywalk, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City - near Teriyaki Boy; 2. Camp John Hay, Baguio City; 3. Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City; 4. Mezza Residences, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City; and 5. Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.)

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