Monday, March 28, 2011

Chinese Dining...Hawker-Style

Chinese food has been embedded in the Pinoy's dining culture. Whether we like it or not, a lot of the dishes we cook and taste are Chinese inspired. In fact, some of our cooking techniques we even get from them. Chinese dishes are best known for the variety in flavors (and also the insurmountable use of MSG...well, it's a bit exaggerated, but you get the point). The Chinese are very good in integrating flavors, whether it's sweet, sour, salty, or spicy. Here in the Metro, there really is no difficulty in looking for outstanding Chinese food. Metro Manila has a lot of Chinese restaurants that you could choose from. But, when you want the real authentic Chinese food, there's only one place to go - Binondo.

Binondo, Manila, also known to many as the Philippines' "Chinatown", is the place to be when it comes to everything Chinese. Every nook and cranny of Binondo depicts it rich history and Chinese culture. It also is the haven of delectable and authentic Chinese cuisine. If you're asking where to get the best siomai, the most delicious siopao, the most succulent mami or congee, or even the freshest baked hopia, Binondo is the place you're looking for. The busy streets of Binonso are home to the many food places, from the high-end Chinese restaurants to typical carinderias or food stalls. Regardless of where you decide to dine, every restaurant serves the most delicious Chinese goodies. But, if you're more of the budget type, and you want affordable Chinese food, don't fret. We know a food place at Binondo that could be just right for you.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Exceptional Ramen Rave-iew!

Japanese food, you ask? Well, that's really not much of a problem, especially here in the Metro. With the emergence of Japanese food places such as Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy, and Tempura, people would definitely not have a hard time looking for delicious and close to authentic Japanese dishes. One noticeable thing about Japanese cuisine is that they are offered in big servings. Restaurants would usually serve Japanese dishes in a big bowl (a good example would be Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Remix bowl). But, big servings don't usually come without a price. A bowl of this yummy Japanese goodness would usually cost you around 200 to 300 pesos. The good thing, however, is that it's worth the price you paid for, not like some restaurants that focus more on presentation and ambiance. Now, we bet you wanna know if there's a Japanese restaurant somewhere around Metro Manila that would absolutely satisfy your Japanese cravings without sacrificing a lot of what's inside your wallet. Well, our answer is....YES.

Just along Araneta Avenue is a Japanese food place named Atsu Atsu Ramen. The place might seem a bit out of place because it's beside truck dealers. It actually is the only food place in that area. But, it is amazing how they, despite the geographical situation they are in, managed to stick that Japanese aura in their food place. The entrance definitely looks like an old Japanese house with Japanese lanterns adorning the door. We have actually done a little bit of research (since we really were curious what the name means). We found out that Atsu Atsu in Japanese means "very hot". Obviously, it is usually used for hot Japanese soups like udon and ramen. According to tradition, atsu atsu dishes stimulate the appetites of the Japanese people during winter. Well, with Atsu Atsu Ramen's delicious dishes, you really won't need a change in season to stimulate your appetite.

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