Sunday, May 22, 2011

A 'Seductive' Twist to Scrumptious Dishes

Seduction isn't always bad. There are times when all you can do is to just give in. Sometimes, it can bring something good, something different. And when it's different, it's bound to intrigue foodies like us. Food that's unique and out-of-the-box are the ones we always want to try. Let us make it simpler for you - yes, food can offer seduction. Have you guys ever heard of the term "aphrodisiac"? Well, the word applies to dishes that can stimulate sexual desires from both men and women. Although it's not scientifically proven, aphrodisiac dishes have made a reputation of making sex more reachable and pleasurable. Wanna know what dishes can stimulate your sexual urges? Tell you what, you could get a hint at this food place.

Gayuma ni Maria isn't an amateur in the food business. This out-of-the-box restaurant has found a new spot at V. Luna Extension at Sikatuna Village in Quezon City. It was previously located at Esteban Abada Street at Katipunan (it was then known simply as Gayuma), then at Granada Street near Gilmore (it then changed its name to Cucina Gayuma). With the many change of locations, you might think that it's not the Gayuma that people have come to love. But, in all honesty, we can say that it still offers the same delicious food with the same unique concept.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gobble Up Some Gorky's!

With the plethora of Italian restaurants here in the metro, it's difficult to distinguish the taste of the food these restaurants offer. The most that we can classify them is high-end, middle-class, and low-end. You've got the affordable Italian food chains like Greenwich and Sbarro, then you have the so-so priced but really good Italian food like Amici and A Veneto. Then you have the likes of Italianni's and California Pizza Kitchen which charge for what the level of goodness they offer. Our newest find, Gorky's, falls in the middle-class section because of price and a little bit in the flavor, but not so much in the aesthetics department. Here's why.

Gorky's Pizzeria is just a small place located along Pasong Tamo Extension. Based on our estimate, it can seat around 25 people max. Good thing we got there around 2 in the afternoon so we avoided the lunch hour. We can't imagine eating in the place with so many people; we won't be able to breathe (not to mention the heat nowadays hahaha). Another bad thing: the air-con was not turned on. They claimed it was, but we knew it wasn't. The place is so small that a normal air-conditioning would easily keep the room cold. But no, it was bordering to humid inside. We even asked the waitress to turn the fan/cooler towards our direction and let it stay there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serving Only The Finest: Kitchen's Best

They say you have to end everything with a sweet note, and that also applies in eating. Dessert is one of the must-haves every after meal, and cakes are one of the most common ones we have. One slice of sweet goodness will surely erase the bad memory of a bad meal, or heighten the satisfaction of an already great meal. While cakes are generally good (making them a safe bet for desserts), not all can be called "the best". Luckily, we stumbled upon a quaint but apparently very known cake place along Pasong Tamo Extension: Kitchen's Best, and they sure have the right to claim "good" in its superlative form.

The place is very regal. The seats were a combination of huge, comfortable sofas and those high, wooden chairs (painted white) with cushions fit for royalty. Huge crystal chandeliers were hanging above the customers, giving the restaurant the dim but yellow-ish light feel. Magazines were spread on the coffee tables, making the customers feel like they're in a coffee shop, only better. Prototypes of their best-selling and award-winning cakes were displayed near the entrance, showcased alongside the actual trophies they received. Several write-ups and features from numerous magazines were also posted on the walls. If a lot of people gave this cake place recognition, then it must be really good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Drinks? Happy Lemon. Happy You!

Move over soda. Tea is the new 'in' thing. In a matter of months tea stores have been emerging all over Metro Manila. More and more people are patronizing this wondrous drink (which, by the way has versions from China, Japan, and Thailand) not only because it is a perfect drink for a hot day, but also because of its refreshing taste and the health benefit it gives. Just imagine a serving of milk tea - you have the good things you get from tea, plus the good things you get from milk all combined in one glass. Rather than drinking softdrinks, the health conscious nowadays would opt to drink a glass of tea. It is so good that people aren't just contented with tea alone. Because people love to experiment, tea places today add delicious ingredients such as chocolate flavor and could you believe it, even Yakult, to the products they sell so that it becomes a bit different without compromising on the perks tea provides. With all the different tea stores out there, we bet you're kinda confused on which tea place to try out first. Well, we already tried Serenitea (you could find our review on our previous posts hahaha). But, it wouldn't hurt to give you guys a choice. So, here's another tea place that you could try out.

Happy Lemon is a talked about tea place at Greenhills. No wonder this place is getting a lot of great reviews. Every drink here is a must-try! Based on our research, Happy Lemon in Greenhills is a franchise of the Happy Lemon in Hong Kong owned by no other than Chris Tiu and some of his buddies. What makes the place even more interesting is the lemon-haired mascot enticing you to try the place out. She has a wink that looks like a 'less than' sign and her face can be found on almost every corner of the place and on every cup of Happy Lemon products.  Based on our personal experience, we really had a hard time choosing which drink to order. This is because every drink we saw seemed delicious. Being fans of tea (milk tea to be exact), we just couldn't let the opportunity to have a try at the delicious Happy Lemon drinks pass. 

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