Monday, April 26, 2010

A Very Delicious Recipe

You might recognize this restaurant already, having a lot of branches in popular malls in the metro. By the looks of it, you might thinks it's an expensive type of restaurant. Well, think again. This place serves affordable and delicious dishes to satisfy one's cravings for an appetizing meal.

Recipes by Cafe Metro currently has 5 branches scattered all around Metro Manila. It's also about to open its 6th branch at the Block SM North EDSA. This only proves that the demand for a delicious and mouthwatering Recipes dish is growing. That's quite unquestionable, since the food here is really great. It's good for sharing, perfect for barkadas, office friends, or even for families who love going out and enjoying a delicious dinner together.

The ambiance is not too good as compared to other restaurants. It's just a plain old simple food place. But, that's not the most important thing, right? What's important is what the place can offer on the table. That's probably the mindset of the owner as well, so he didn't devote too much effort in the design of the place.

Here's what we ordered during our lunch at the Greenbelt 3 branch:

General's Chicken, 205 php

Glutton Guy: Probably the best dish I've tasted from Recipes. The chicken is very soft and easy to chew. I also love the sauce of the dish. It's perfect for the soft chicken. The vegetables on the dish aren't overpowering the chicken and the sauce, which is a good thing for me. I'd say it's one dish that you really really have to try when you visit Recipes. : )

Glutton Girl: Hands down, my favorite. I have eaten in Recipes before, and I recommended Glutton Guy to try this dish. Its sweet sauce go well with the crispy exterior of the chicken, and the eggplants add a healthy kick to this very satisfying dish. 

Gising-Gising, 168 php

Glutton Guy: It was good, but I wasn't jumping up and down for this dish. At first glance, I thought it was a scallions or a spring onions dish. Glutton Girl, however, told me that those were not spring onions but were string beans. I laughed since I couldn't even determine if those were really string beans. I couldn't even taste the string beans since the coconut milk was very dominant in the dish. Try it to see what I mean. : )

Glutton Girl: FYI, they were Baguio beans, not string beans. Glutton Guy clearly does not recognize the vegetable. Haha! I liked this dish. It's a new way of serving Baguio beans, and the dish is very hefty in terms of serving. The spice is also just enough, especially for those who do not like spicy things, like me.

Sambal Seafood, 250 php

Glutton Guy: I love seafood! Which is why I don't need to explain further why I really love this dish. It's a bit spicy, giving it an added kick. I didn't like the bell peppers in the dish, though. So Glutton Girl had the task of eating the Bell peppers. Another must-try dish from Recipes. : )

Glutton Girl: I think this dish is a bit expensive for its serving. But Glutton Guy paid for it, so it's okay. Haha! The sambal sauce was good though.

Seafood Rice, 115 php

Glutton Guy: If you think the rice is too expensive, worry not because this is for 2-3 persons, or probably even up to 4 persons. It's very good, like a Chinese Restaurant's Yang Chow Fried Rice. It's not too salty, yet it's packed with flavors. I think I ate a lot of rice during our trip here. So, you could just imagine how good the Seafood Rice is. And it does not cut on the seafood ingredients. For me, it's a perfect rice dish for a perfect meal. : )

Glutton Girl: Glutton Guy is always happy when we eat out because I'm not too much of a rice person. I eat very minimal rice, so it's safe to say that he ate almost everything of this dish. Hahaha! (I'm not kidding though.) Nonetheless, I think this fried rice is appetizing, although still not comparable to Chinese Yang Chow Fried Rice. (Sorry Glutton Guy.)

So what's a perfect recipe for a perfect dish? At Recipes, there's no need for that because they'll do the dish for you. All you have to do is sit and relax, and enjoy the company of your friends and family while you're there. The end result will surely be a satisfied appetite. You'll definitely want to recommend this place to your friends. Who wouldn't? It's a great place serving great food. There's no doubt that Recipes has made a mark in the food business.

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(Recipes has 5 branches: 1. 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 3, Makati City/ 2. 2nd Floor Trinoma Mall, Quezon City/ 3. 2nd Floor Cortes De Las Palmas, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City/ 4. 2nd Floor, Robinsons Place Manila-Midtown, Ermita Manila/ 5. 5th Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Il Gelatissimo è Squisito

Okay, so we really don't speak Italian, but the yummy gelato in Gelatissimo made us speak the language. Okay fine, so we just had it translated in Yahoo! Babel Fish (yes, we do cite our sources haha), but what the heck.

Gelatissimo, a popular ice cream store in Cebu, opened its first store in Manila at Greenbelt 5, and boy, we sure did have a treat! The store had more than 25 flavors of gelato, all of which looked very, very good, so it was super difficult to choose which three flavors we should buy. Luckily, the staff was very acocmodating and they were willing to let us test their gelato in teenie tiny tasting spoons. We tasted more than 8 flavors, some of which were Caramelized Fig, American Chocolate, Very Berry Cheesecake, and Choc Mint, but we ended up buying Macadamia and Caramel, Hazelnut, and Biscottino.

Gelatissimo's Gelato,  110 php (1 flavor), 160 php (2 flavors), 190 php (3 flavors)

Glutton Guy: Honestly, I would love to have the other flavors in the cup that we ordered (except Choc Mint hahahaha). But, we can only get up to 3 per cup. We didn't go wrong with the flavors we chose, though. Biscottino is the best I've tasted at Gelatissimo. The other 2 flavors were great, too. Every flavor was creamy and loaded with flavor. You'll definitely have a feel of the authentic Italian gelato. I also love the idea of having free tastes. It helps us narrow down our choices on which flavors will we buy. All in all, I'd say Gelatissimo is doing one heck of a job. : )

Glutton Girl: I really wanted to get Choc Mint, but Glutton Guy doesn't like it because he is reminded of efficascent oil. I don't know how he tasted efficascent oil, though. It was okay though because I love anything caramel, and everything we got was of caramel flavor. I loved biscottino the most. The italian cookies were crunchy and sweet. Hazelnut was also very good. It reminded me of the center of Ferrero, which is my favorite part of that to-die-for chocolate. Macadamia and Caramel was okay. Gelatissimo's ice cream in general is very smooth and creamy, I think I can eat a tub of it. I absolutely love it. It was as equally good as the gelato I've tasted in Korea last summer. It was a very popular gelato store in Korea, and I was reminded of that when I tasted Gelatissimo. I went to ice cream heaven that day. :)

There is definitely no wodner why people in Cebu raved about Gelatissimo. They really have great ice cream! And now that it is in Manila already, there is no reason for anyone not to try this very delectable treat. You know when they say you'll miss half of your life if you don't try something? For this one, I tell you, you will be missing half of your life if you don't get to try Gelatissimo's ice cream, and trust us, we are not kidding.

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(Gelatissimo is located at the 2nd level, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. They also have branches in the southern region. One is at Ayala Center Cebu and another one at SM City Cebu.)

Do you "Heart" Fro-Yo?

We do. And we can give you a lot of reasons why. But, the main reason why it's becoming popular is because it's healthier than the traditional ice cream. We've said this a lot of times already. Consumers today are moving towards the healthy trend. Frozen yogurt is healthier not only because of the frozen yogurt itself, but also because of the fresh fruits used as toppings. No wonder more and more frozen yogurt stores have been popping out here and there. And because of our love for such a delicious dessert, we offer you another Fro-Yo store that you'll surely love.

Located at UP Village is another Fro-Yo store named I Heart FroYo. You can't miss it because of it's quite big and noticeable sign post. We heard it's owned by a law student from UP. So, being the Fro-Yo addicts that we are, we decided to stop by and have a taste of their lovely frozen yogurt.

The place has a cute interior, with pink and blue being the dominant colors of the store. It's just small, accommodating probably around 20 people, more or less. It's like being at a preschool classroom, minus the teacher. You'll really feel like a child all over again. What we like most about the place is the shout-out board. In this board, customers can post whatever they want to say, more of like a freedom wall. What's nice about the idea is that it keeps the customers involved by letting them say whatever they want to say about the store.

Inside is also an instruction on what to do in ordering your product. You can opt to choose between cone or cup. The cone is a bit cheaper, and the cup is offered in regular size and large size. Toppings can be regular or premium. Regular Toppings are common frozen yogurt toppings such as fruits, candies, and sweets. Premium toppings are a bit expensive than the regular ones. These include M&M's, Oreos, Gummibears, and the new topping when we were there - Cookie Dough. Whatever toppings you choose though, you won't go wrong.

We ordered the same thing, only with different toppings. Here are pictures of our Fro-Yo's:

I Heart FroYo's frozen yogurt, 35 php (cone), 55 php (regular cup), 70 php (large cup)/ Toppings, 15 php (1 regular topping), 25 php (2 regular toppings), 35 php (3 regular toppings), 20 php (premium toppings)

Glutton Guy: What can I say, it's another Fro-Yo champion. The frozen yogurt is really soft and luscious. It's the typical sour frozen yogurt, but it's a good one. The toppings are also delicious. You definitely won't say that they're old stock. The fruits are definitely fresh. Every taste of the Fro-Yo is like walking on clouds. You've definitely got to try this. : )

Glutton Girl: After more than 5 froyo brands I've tasted, all of the frozen yogurts seem to have the same taste for me. What sets I Heart FroYo apart from the other ones is that: a. it has cookie dough for toppings which I absolutely loved, and b. it's cheaper. Okay, I really just have to reiterate the fact that I love their cookie dough topping sooooo much! I actually wanted to buy the whole foil tray. Haha! I also like the fact that a UP Law student owns it. It makes one realize that even young people can find their place in the busy world of business, and that you just have to find your niche. In this UP Law student's case, she found an opportunity in UP, of which the big brands cannot penetrate. So yes, you have to try this froyo brand because you can help a student succeed. But more because of the cookie dough. Heehee. :P

I Heart FroYo will definitely make you want to remember those good ol' days when you were a child, waiting for "mamang sorbetero" to pass by your house so  you could have a taste of his dirty ice cream. The only difference is that it's not dirty anymore, plus, it's healthier. I Heart FroYo is definitely one of the places that would make you "Heart" Fro-Yo, once, twice, or maybe three times more.

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(I Heart FroYo is located at 44 Magiting Street, Teacher's Village (UP Village), Diliman, Quezon City. It's just beside the Ministop along Maginhawa Street.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kiss-ing the Cook makes a Yummy Meal

We stumbled upon this newly opened place in Maginhawa Street in UP Village. We have heard a lot of notable things from people who gave this place a shot. It was also featured in Mel and Joey. So, we've decided to visit and see for ourselves what makes people come back to the place. 

The place is called Kiss the Cook Cafe. If you don't have a good eye for spotting places, you'll have a hard time looking for Kiss the Cook because it is barely noticeable. The sign cannot be seen from afar and it's not totally readable. Plus, the place is covered by trees from one side. The first time we looked for Kiss the Cook, we gave up looking for it. We covered the whole Maginhawa Street and still we couldn't find it. Good thing the second time around it wasn't that difficult to find.

The place is small yet comfortable. You'll really feel the fine dining ambiance upon entering the place. We did find the place a little small for a cafe that's kind of popular in the area. The place is nicely designed, and it will give you that homey feeling. The people there are nice and accommodating. We were even lucky that the manager was there to give a little chat about the place. She's the owner's sister and she was really nice. She even suggested some dishes which we should order and try. Some celebrities are common visitors of the place like Eugene Domingo. So, it wouldn't be hard to believe when people say that this place is really worth the try, especially for guys like us.

Here's what we ordered:

Ginger Lime Tea, 100 php

Glutton Guy: I really had doubts in ordering this. I really hate the taste of ginger, so for me, it wasn't a good idea to order a ginger drink. The manager recommended that we try it. She said that it's a good summer chiller. So we gave the drink a shot. And you know what? It wasn't what I was expecting to taste. There really was just a little trace of ginger. All I could taste was the citrus flavor from the lime and some sweetness, probably from a little sugar. There was a ginger flavor after-taste, but it wasn't a bad thing at all. It was really a thirst quencher, especially this summer. Never knew ginger could be that good. : )

Glutton Girl: I’m not a fan of ginger flavors so I was hesitant to try it. But the manager suggested it so yeah, we ordered. It was very refreshing but I had a hard time finishing it. It’s best drank ‘super cold’ because the lime and ginger flavors were strong for my taste.

Oriental Duck Rolls, 185 php

Glutton Guy: I've already tried this, but in a different restaurant. This was also good, but it had a different version. The one I tried before also had the same vegetables, but used the skin of the duck. Kiss the Cook, however, uses the meat of the duck. The one I tried before had a more delicious sauce than Kiss the Cook's, but I'm not saying that Kiss the Cook's sauce is not good at all. Basically what I'm saying is that there's a better version of the dish. But it's not a dish that I wouldn't recommend. I mean, every dish is worth trying at Kiss the Cook. : )

Glutton Girl: My first comment after taking a bite was "lasang damo". Haha I think it had so much vegetables, you’d have to be very observant to taste the duck. It’s a single sliver of duck meat surrounded by greens. The duck was dry. Thankfully the sauce was very savory- I guess it’s the best part of the dish. But for 185 for four rolls, I think it’s overpriced. 

Five-Spice Pork Spareribs, 195 php

Glutton Guy: I was given the opportunity by Glutton Girl to taste her order. It was good, but according to her, it was really spicy. When I tasted it I didn't feel the spiciness of the pork. Of course I only tasted a bit, so couldn't really tell. But, I have to say that this really is deserving of the best-seller title. : )

Glutton Girl: Meat is my default choice anywhere so it was a no brainer to pick the Five-spice Pork Spareribs. It had this right crunch, the meat is tender and it had the right amount of spice. The cilantro-corn slaw was flavorful. I liked it!

Moroccan Fish Fillet, 245 php

Glutton Guy: This was my order. For 245 php, this dish is overpriced for me. The amount of fish in the dish was small for the price (or probably the plate was just big hahaha). I couldn't figure out the taste of the dish, and I have to admit, the taste is quite forgettable. However, the fish is really crispy outside yet soft and fluffy-like on the inside. The salad that comes with it is really good. Every ingredient looked fresh, especially the greens. : )

Glutton Girl:This was Glutton Guy’s order. It was very good. The fish was cooked perfectly and the flavor complements the fish just right.

Truffle Mushroom and Cheese, 165 php

Glutton Guy: A friend of ours was with us and she ordered this dish. She did let me taste it, though. It was really good. It's a sandwich that's not ordinary. The bread was semi-crunchy, making it very good. The melted cheese inside the sandwich is really good as well. I would really recommend this one to you guys. : )

Espresso Panna Cotta, 75 php

Glutton Guy: This was also ordered by our friend. Sad to say, I'm really not a fan of coffee. So, I didn't like it. Don't base the dish on my comment, though. It's just that I don't really like coffee, so I wrote this kind of comment. It was creamy though and it tasted really light. : )

Glutton Girl: This was an okay dessert for me. The texture was like Jell-o but the flavor was light cappuccino, which is good. I was expecting it to be creamier.

Choco Lava Cake A La Mode, 120 php

Glutton Guy: Sinfully good. It was really chocolate heaven for me. The cake was still hot when it was served. It was topped with a cold and delicious Vanilla Fro-Yo that complements the cake. You wouldn't like it at first because Fro-Yo is used rather than the traditional ice cream. But, I still like it (probably because I'm a Fro-Yo lover hahaha). It's a must-try for you guys who would want a delicious and a sweet end to your meal. : )

Glutton Girl: The cake was good but the yogurt sort of contradicts the sweet cake. The yogurt was too sour for me. It would have been better to use traditional ice cream.

Banoffee Pie, 140 php

Glutton Guy: When I saw this and tasted it, I automatically compared it to Banapple's Banoffee Pie. The taste was delicious. However, I did find the servings small for 140 php. It would be a good idea to make the pie a bit bigger. : )

Glutton Girl: This is my order and it’s my favorite of the three desserts too. My benchmark for a good banoffee is that of Banapple’s so I have high expectations for this one. And it was good! It had a texture like tart, but the bananas and cream were perfectly sweet. My only problem was it was so small for 140 pesos. Pretty expensive if you compare to Bannaple’s generous 95-peso slice.

So there you have it, our Kiss the Cook experience. All in all it was a cozy, delicious, and satisfying experience for us. It's safe to say that having a hard time looking for the place is really worth it. Next time you're near the area, give this place a shot. You'll definitely be one of those people who'll say loud and proud, "I just Kissed the Cook!"

Rating: Buddhalicious!
(Kiss the Cook Cafe is located at 59 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. It's just beside Tomato Kick.)

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