Monday, February 20, 2012


Who would forget the famous sound that Cookie Monster makes whenever he eats his favorite snack? Coooookies!!! Om nom nom nom...Yes, this popular munching sound has now become a viral internet meme that people use (i.e., "Eating my favorite chips! Nomnomnom..."). Point is, we apply the meme when we eat something we enjoy. And by enjoy we mean delicious food that's affordable at the same time. This is something Nomnomnom Happy Food at Tomas Morato can offer.

A quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Nomnomnom has been creating a buzz to people who are looking for a unique and memorable dining experience. The place is quite hidden since the entrance is located in a small 'eskinita'. Hungry foodies like us, however, know where to find good food, and Nomnomnom is not an exception. 

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