Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Bucketful of Sunrise, A Pocketful of Sunshine

Mouthwatering and irresistible Buffalo wings. That's what we always expect whenever we visit a food place that claims they have the best chicken wings in town. We gotta admit, most of what we tried aren't kidding at all. With the unique taste of their wings, they're bound to bring more customers to their place. If you ask us what the perfect chicken wing would taste like, we might not be able to answer you. Each chicken wings place we tried has that uniqueness that stands out from the others. What we can tell you, though, is what to expect at a chicken wings place, that is, if the chicken is tasty, if the sauce is delicious, if the skin is crispy, and if the dip goes well with the chicken. That's our job as food bloggers in the first place. To give you an example, we'll feature a chicken wings place that we think you might just love.

Just along Ortigas Avenue near Greenhills is a chicken wings place known as Sunrise Buckets. From it's name you wouldn't quite realize that it offers chicken wings. But, it already has attracted some loyal customers from nearby schools and establishments. Sunrise Buckets offers affordable and delicious chicken wings that you will surely add to your chicken wings list. The food place made sure that their wings would be close to the taste of the authentic Buffalo wings abroad. Sunrise Buckets actually categorizes their chicken wings into 3 - Awesome, Wipeout, and Cloud 9.  Included in the Awesome list are those that are suited for the Pinoy taste. Wipeout flavors are those that are similar to the American flavors. Cloud 9 are original flavors of Sunrise Buckets. Whichever flavor you choose, you won't regret it because every category has a best-seller. In fact, most of the flavors are must-tries. Aside from chicken wings, Sunrise Buckets also has burgers, shakes, and floats to satisfy every hungry customer. There absolutely is no excuse for you not to try this place out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Ain't Your Average Burger Place

Nothing beats a good ol' burger for a snack. You'd be lying when you say that you haven't craved for that delicious beef patty with the crunchy lettuce and the yummy burger sauce sandwiched in a bun. It wouldn't be surprising to note that because of its delicious taste and convenience, burger places can be seen almost anywhere. Some even offer buy 1 take 1 burgers for as low as 20 pesos. Of course, there are the burger stalls such as BurMa (this is the 'sosyal' way of calling Burger Machine hahahaha) and Minute Burger. Oh, and let's not take the Burger McDo's and the Regular Yum's out of the long list. But, what makes a delicious burger? We've seen, and probably tried, a lot of burgers out there. And to tell you honestly, it has become a bit overrated. At the end of the day, no matter which burger place you choose, a burger won't be a burger without the usual patty, the usual stuff inside the burger such as the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese (more commonly known as TLC), and the usual sesame seed bun. So, what else can a burger offer? Well, a burger place at Makati can tell you just that.

Located at A Venue Mall at Makati Avenue is a burger place named Burger Avenue. Don't underestimate this food place, because despite its small size it already has acquired quite a number of followers. Burger Avenue actually capitalized on one aspect other burger joints in the Metro are having a hard time doing - being unique. Burger Avenue does its very best in serving delicious and affordable food while making sure that every burger will not just be a burger, but a Burger Avenue burger.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanna Have a 'Wicked' Meal?

Define 'wicked'. Well, according to the dictionary, 'wicked' is an adjective which denotes evil or mischievousness. This adjective often applies to evil people or entities such as witches and demons. But, if you've been studying your English, the term 'wicked' could also be used as a New England slang to add emphasis to what you're saying. In fact, the word is actually synonymous to 'really' and 'very'. So, if you want to say that the food you're eating is fantastic, but you want to say it in a manner different from how you usually sat it, you could say "That was some wicked food!". Well, with a lot of good food places around the Metro, you might just need to prepare yourself in saying this more often, especially when you eat at a restaurant where the 'wicked' word is not only for the delicious food. It's actually the name of the place.

Just within the the vicinity of the ABS-CBN compound is a food place named Wicked Kitchen. It's not that big a place, but people keep coming back to the place for their delicious dishes. In fact, they have already opened a branch at Katipunan Avenue to cater to more avid customers. Wicked Kitchen is a restaurant that serves delicious food during the day and more of an 'inuman' place during the night. But, the place is most famous for some of their rice meals and their desserts. They have a really diverse menu that would give you a hard time in choosing what to eat. The servings here are also quite large, so you definitely won't have a problem when you want to be really full afterwards. The menu at Wicked Kitchen offers a variety of dishes ranging from delicious Western food to scrumptious Pinoy meals with a Wicked Kitchen twist. As compared to other food places that serve the similar dishes, Wicked Kitchen is more on the affordable side. It offers yummy dishes that you'll surely like at not-so-expensive rates.

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