Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breakfast's In The Bag!

Pandesal would always be associated to breakfast. This small, round bread, which has been present since the Spanish times, is a Filipino favorite in every breakfast table. Despite the rise in prices of bread today, people still manage to buy some of this delicious bread at their local bakeshops. If there's one question that we would like to know about this yummy breakfast treat, it's this: "What would be the future of our very own pandesal?"

In the very unassuming road of Julia Vargas lies a food haven most people wouldn’t think of. Popularly known as “Home Depot”, this place has become one of the go-to places for foodies who want to try something new, or corporate slaves who just want to have a good fun night. The place comes alive during night time, but little do we know that during the morning, there’s a quaint bread place that offers hearty breakfast sets everyone ought to try.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Burger-filled Boulevard

What makes a great burger? Oftentimes, people say it's all about the patty. Others say it's the cheese that makes it work. Others say it's the sauce that brings it all together. While most burgers have all these, it all boils down to which burger offers the best flavor at the most affordable price. There are already a handful of notable burger places in the Metro. No, we're not talking about Jollibee or McDonald's, or even Burger King. We're talking about unique burger places that serve mouth-watering burgers. One's just along Xavierville Avenue.

If you're the type who wants twists to your burgers, then Boulevard Diner is the perfect place for you. Located within the Katipunan/Loyola Heights area, this burger place has been fulfilling burger cravings since October of 2010. With unique burger concepts, Boulevard Diner has created a big market for die-hard burger fans who are looking for something better than the usual hamburger or cheeseburger. Mind you, these burgers aren't for the faint of heart. Boulevard Diner's burgers are packed with flavors that will surely give you an unforgettable burger dining experience.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sonja Does It Best

Cupcakes can be an obsession. Just like ice cream and candy bars, if they are not taken lightly, they can be addictive. But, you shouldn't try to resist them. They are in fact, for some people, comfort food. Usual cupcakes would consist of frosting and cake decorations, such as fondant, syrup, or candy sprinkles. Regardless of what they place on top, cupcakes can be a delight to eat, especially when they're perfectly baked. There are a lot of notable cupcake shops around the Metro. But, if you haven’t tried Sonja’s cupcakes, then you've been missing out.

Cupcakes by Sonja has been occupying that quaint spot in Serendra ever since the mall-residence hybrid opened, and it has gained popularity proportional to what Serendra is now. From being a mere hobby of a lady living in Serendra, the store has become the go-to cupcake place for celebrations and special occasions, or even when you just feel like rewarding yourself with royal cupcake goodness. There’s no surprise to this though; one bite in their cupcakes and you’ll understand the craze.

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