Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's A Coca-Cola Wonderland!

It's not uncommon to taste dishes with a splash of Sprite or a hint of cola. Restaurant chefs use these carbonated drinks as marinade or as an ingredient for their specialties. Some might find it vaguely intriguing, others insanely weird. There are, of course, the curious type who find it rather unique and amusing. While sodas add flavor to certain types of dishes, we are more comfortable seeing it with ice inside a glass. The fact that we grew up in a country where Coca-Cola is predominant in every meal table proves this. But, if you really want to taste good food with cola in it, we suggest going to a food place at Tomas Morato.

Located at the second floor of Il Terrazzo is a diner known as The Real Thing. The name of the place might sound familiar, it being a former tagline of a popular cola brand. Yes, The Real Thing is what we would call a Coca-Cola wonderland. The place is full of Coke memorabilia and Coca-Cola items that every collector would want. From stuffed toys, to glasses, to Coca-Cola cans and miniature bottles, The Real Thing has all of these in display for customers to admire. If that doesn't make you awe in amazement, try looking at their menu. Most dishes here at The Real Thing is inspired by Coke or any product of the company. Where else would you see Eight O'Clock Chicken or Royal Tru-Orange Prokchop on the menu?

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