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A Burger-filled Boulevard

What makes a great burger? Oftentimes, people say it's all about the patty. Others say it's the cheese that makes it work. Others say it's the sauce that brings it all together. While most burgers have all these, it all boils down to which burger offers the best flavor at the most affordable price. There are already a handful of notable burger places in the Metro. No, we're not talking about Jollibee or McDonald's, or even Burger King. We're talking about unique burger places that serve mouth-watering burgers. One's just along Xavierville Avenue.

If you're the type who wants twists to your burgers, then Boulevard Diner is the perfect place for you. Located within the Katipunan/Loyola Heights area, this burger place has been fulfilling burger cravings since October of 2010. With unique burger concepts, Boulevard Diner has created a big market for die-hard burger fans who are looking for something better than the usual hamburger or cheeseburger. Mind you, these burgers aren't for the faint of heart. Boulevard Diner's burgers are packed with flavors that will surely give you an unforgettable burger dining experience.

Boulevard Diner does not only have notable burgers, they also have delicious chicken wings to boast about. In fact, Boulevard Diner has the "Diner He-Man Challenge". The objective of the customer who dares to take on this challenge is to finish one and a half pounds of Boulevard Diner's 'Wings of Hell' (their version of super spicy chicken wings) at the fastest possible time and beat the record. If you win, you don't have to pay for the wings. Simple it may seem, but even we find it difficult to achieve.

Service at Boulevard Diner is above average. The lady who served us our dishes even took time to chat with us while we were waiting for our orders. For us it's a nice thing when you get to communicate with the customers. The place isn't that big with regards to the interiors part. It may be able to seat approximately 20 people. Nevertheless, despite the small space, it did manage to give that diner feel customers would expect. 

Here's what we tried at Boulevard Diner. Oh, and by the way, you can opt to add 45 php to upgrade your burger with some fries and iced tea (not the till you drop one):

Sip Till You Drop Iced Tea, 45 php

Glutton Guy and Glutton Girl: Boulevard Diner's version of bottomless iced tea. It's just the normal type, so nothing special to talk about here. For 45 pesos, this is one cheap bottomless iced tea. At other restaurants, you get an unlimited serving of the drink for 65 pesos, and that's at the very least. It's a nice thing that Boulevard Diner made their drinks affordable. They perfect with the burgers! : )

1/2 Lbs. Wings (Hickory flavor), 130 php

Glutton Guy: I was a bit afraid to try the spicy version, so we settled for the safe one. We ordered the hickory flavor, which is the wings coated with the barbecue flavor. Although it was delicious, I then realized it was too safe on my part. I think it would have been better if there was a little bit of spiciness in there. The chicken, however, was cooked perfectly. The skin wasn't as crispy as I expected it to be, but it worked. I actually loved how the chicken was bathed in the delicious sauce. It really coated the chicken and made it super flavorful. Thumbs up for Boulevard Diner's chicken wings! : )

Glutton Girl: Authentic chicken wings is supposedly saucy and spicy to give it some kick. That's what I'm looking for every time I order chicken wings. Moreover, the skin should have loads of flavor and the inside should be cooked perfectly. Boulevard Diner did just that in their chicken wings, minus the spiciness. Because we ordered the hickory flavor, it was leaning towards the sweet type of chicken wings. I still loved them, though. You could scrap the usual bleu cheese dip for this because it's already loaded with flavor. I would eat this again at Boulevard Diner.

Gorgon-zola, 180 php

Glutton Guy: Just when you thought that fast-food burgers were the best, here comes Boulevard Diner's Gorgon-zola. Cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, everything I look for in a burger is in it. This was my order because I noticed on the menu that it was one of their best-sellers. I can see why. The patty is juicy (it is a third of a pound, after all hahaha) and delicious. The cheese melts in your mouth and the lettuce gives that crunch when you eat it. I enjoyed eating this burger. It's something you can't get enough of. Since the burger's big, you would have a hard time eating it using your hands. I would suggest using a knife and a fork. : )

Crazy Cajun, 160 php

Glutton Girl: I never tried burger with coleslaw in it. But, this one worked for me. The coleslaw was perfect with the chicken fillet. Other than the coleslaw, everything else is usual. You have the tomato slice, the cheese, and the soft buns. The chicken was tender and delicious. The coleslaw and the cheese helps prevent the burger from becoming dry. Interestingly, the chicken patty worked well with the coleslaw. The cheese accentuated the flavors and made the dish whole. The vegetables were a bit watery, a good indication that they are fresh. Say goodbye to KFC's Double Down, because here comes Boulevard Diner's Crazy Cajun! hahahaha

Larry Lana'i, 175 php

Glutton Guy: A burger with a pineapple slice, now that's something I like. Jollibee's Amazing Aloha once reigned that spot for me, but not after I tried Boulevard Diner's Larry Lana'i. The tropical name would instantly give you the hint that this burger has some pineapples. I like the pineapples here. They're sweet, and they complement the flavors of the patty and the cheese. It was slightly caramelized to hype the sweet flavor of the pineapple. The burger patty and the cheese also worked for me. Larry Lana'i is a tropical kind of burger that is a fusion of the sweet and the salty. You wouldn't NOT want this in you table when you eat at Boulevard Diner. : )

Glutton Girl: After my Crazy Cajun, we tried another burger, the Larry Lana'i. This is, by far, one of the best burgers that I have tried at Boulevard Diner (I only tried two, so it's quite obvious what I mean hahahaha). The pineapple slice really helped a lot. It gave a sweet taste and an added texture to the burger. Despite it being the star, the pineapple wasn't overpowering the other elements in the burger. It worked well with the crunchy onions and lettuce, and it also worked with the delicious cheese. The patty was cooked perfectly, and, unlike the usual burger patty, wasn't thin at all. It was juicy and was very delicious. Talk about a good burger. Well, this is it right here.

True, burgers can be a bit overrated. With the many burgers stalls out there (not to mention the buy 1 take 1 burgers), it may not be something that foodies might crave for. Boulevard Diner is one burger place that opposes that idea. The place is a testament to the philosophy that burgers can be altered to make them more unique, more interesting, and most importantly, more delicious. Great burgers? It may be about the patty, the cheese, or the sauce. But the honest truth? It's just all about the Boulevard. 

Here's how we rated Boulevard Diner:



(Boulevard Diner is located at 91 Xavierville Avenue corner Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. It's to your right if you're coming from Katipunan, just across Regina Condominium (the tall, blue building).)

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