Thursday, January 26, 2012

Charlie's: A Yummy Burger & Chicken Wings Combo

Manila is rapidly becoming more receptive of “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants, and this next foodie place is no exception. Imagine a diner beside a hole-in-the-wall can you get? There’s no need for fancy introduction or build-ups because if you’re a foodie like us, you’d definitely know what place we’re talking about: Charlie’s Grind & Grill.

Internet-famous for their Black Angus burger and chicken wings, Charlie’s has become one of the most visited (and populated) food places in Kapitolyo, Pasig . That says a lot especially when the place is filled with lots of equally good dining places. Hello Mad Mark’s, Thai Dara, RUB (which we will review soon!), Milky and Sunny...the list could go on and on. Charlie’s has grown a fan base especially among the working people around the Ortigas area, so much so that people are willing to wait for “parking space” just to be able to grab a bite of Charlie’s famed burgers. And you know what? So did we.

We came for the burgers, so burgers we ordered. As mentioned, Charlie’s is famous for their Black Angus Burgers. But because we’re food bloggers, diversity is key, so we ordered some other dishes we can recommend other than the ones everyone’s been raving about.

Presenting our Charlie's Grind & Grill food:

Charlie's Iced Tea, 60 php

Glutton Guy & Glutton Girl: We're big fans of restaurants that concoct their own iced teas and not whip it from packets. You restaurants can’t fool us foodies...we know our iced teas!!! Alam namin pag Nestea lang yan! Charlie’s didn’t disappoint. It had the bitter taste we always looked for in iced teas. Plus the serving was really huge, it was more than enough to quench our thirst. One of the best offerings in Charlie’s to be honest. Yup, their iced tea is THAT great. : )

Black Angus Burger, 190 php; 220 php (with Fresh Fries)

Glutton Girl: This was my order. I’ve been to Charlie’s once before this visit with Glutton Guy, and have tried this burger already. I remember it being so good I couldn’t order anything else. So Black Angus burger it is. I specifically requested it to be well done (I don’t like blood...who does?). My burger came out perfectly. Juicy yet cooked through and through. The vegetables helped in counteracting the fatty feel of the burger. I hate to admit it, but burgers are packed with calories, and the least we can do is compensate with veggie toppings, right? The serving was so huge, I almost couldn’t finish it. I asked the help of Glutton Guy to finish the burger for me. (Thank you!!!!)

Gourmet Chicken Burger, 220 php; 250 php (with Fresh Fries)

Glutton Guy: I was feeling health-conscious that time so I went for a chicken patty. There actually is not much difference to the original burger. Chicken will be chicken and beef will be beef, but regardless of what you put between the buns, it's just the same with regards to flavor. The chicken patty was juicy and flavorful. I have to say, the cheese did some fabulous job in hyping up the taste. Just like what Glutton Girl said, the vegetables helped in balancing everything. I would not suggest adding anything else (ketchup, mustard, etc) because it'll just complicate things. In my opinion, this burger is already good as it is. The fries were just okay. It's not the best I've tasted, but who doesn't want fries with their burgers, right? It's like a staple in every burger meal. : )

Buffalo Chicken Wings, 180 php (Half Dozen); 330 php (A Dozen)

Glutton Guy: A visit to Charlie's wouldn't be complete without trying their Buffalo chicken wings. We have tried many chicken wings before during our food conquests, each having an own version of how they will make customers crave for more. Charlie's chicken wings didn't disappoint. The chicken was delicious and tender. Plus, the serving size was adequate. We just chose the sweet type of sauce since we weren't ready for the hot stuff that day. It had that tangy, honey-ish taste that I really liked. But, just in case you were wondering what sauces they have, they also serve the hot, the nuclear, and their hottest - the Puñeta Sauce. We dare not try this because the name itself serves as a warning of what's about to come. But, if you're the 'adventurous' type, then go ahead. Regardless of which type of sauce you pick, I'm pretty sure that you're gonna have a splendid time with Charlie's chicken wings. : )

Glutton Girl: This was just normal for me. After tasting so many chicken wings in my life (even those chocolate-coated), it would take so much for me to be impressed with chicken wings. I still say Manang’s and Buffalo Wings n' Things' chicken wings are the best. But this was just okay. Not too bad, but not that exceptional either.

If you’re game or cowboy (in Tagalog) and you do not mind eating beside a carwash, then we suggest for you to visit Kapitolyo and give Charlie’s a try. That is, if you haven’t yet. Because most probably, you’ve eaten there more than us. That’s how good Charlie’s is. That’s what he/she said. :P

Here's how we rated Charlie's:


(Charlie's Grind & Grill has 2 branches: 1. 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City. It's on your right if you're coming from Shaw Boulevard. Don't forget to look out for a car wash place; and 2. Ronac Art Center, Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan City. It's just past Greenhills Shopping Center, on your right if you're coming from EDSA.)

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