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Who would forget the famous sound that Cookie Monster makes whenever he eats his favorite snack? Coooookies!!! Om nom nom nom...Yes, this popular munching sound has now become a viral internet meme that people use (i.e., "Eating my favorite chips! Nomnomnom..."). Point is, we apply the meme when we eat something we enjoy. And by enjoy we mean delicious food that's affordable at the same time. This is something Nomnomnom Happy Food at Tomas Morato can offer.

A quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Nomnomnom has been creating a buzz to people who are looking for a unique and memorable dining experience. The place is quite hidden since the entrance is located in a small 'eskinita'. Hungry foodies like us, however, know where to find good food, and Nomnomnom is not an exception. 

The place looks like a tambayan, something that made us reminisce good ol' college days. Nomnomnom's environment is more suited for groups of friends. It's not the comfiest of food places, but it has that nice ambiance that kind of brings out good vibes. Clouds, birds, and rainbows, these designs that they have are clear depictions of a 'happy place'. Top this with the yummy food and the excellent service, and you have a dining experience that is not of the usual. 

Here's what we tried at Nomnomnom:

Fried Ravioli, 90 php (6 pieces); 170 php (12 pieces)

Glutton Guy: Not a big fan of ravioli, but this one was just right. It's not totally crispy as I expected it to be though. The filling was alright, and with kangkong and mushrooms, you know you're eating the good stuff. I mean, healthier than eating greasy dumplings, right? I found the salsa a bit off. For me it didn't work well with the ravioli. But by itself, the salsa was good. Probably a yogurt dip would be a better dipping option. Just a thought hahahaha : )

Glutton Girl: The fried ravioli is a good pika-pika choice. I've never tried ravioli that's fried before, and I have to say, this one is good. You have a 'stuffed' ravioli, none of the fake stuff that only has a little bit of filling. In my opinion, however, you're not the one who would enjoy this dish if you're the meaty type. Nomnomnom's ravioli is not like the Mexican nachos that you would normally have for appetizer. The good thing though is that the dish is healthy and delicious, something that's really worth trying. 

Tita D Special, 90 php

Glutton Guy: I honestly don't know why they called it as such, but this is one delicious appetizer. Crunchy and flavorful, the onion rings are the real thing. Surprisingly, they're not the oily type as well. The sour cream dip is super good. It had that tangy taste that complemented well with the onion rings. Although a typical starter dish, I wouldn't think twice on recommending it. : )

Glutton Girl: Onion rings aren't actually associated with healthy-type foods, but it is a vegetable, so it will do hahaha The fact remains that these onion rings are delicious, with or without the sour cream dip. They're crunchy as well, something that I would normally look for in fried foods. I would say that this one is better with beer, but what the heck, you should just try it out to taste how good it really is. 


Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce, 160 php

Glutton Guy: I would've wanted fish, but I ordered Nomnomnom's lime chicken instead. Presentation-wise, this dish wasn't elegant-looking. But taste-wise, it was delicious. The chicken breast was cooked well. Chicken breasts are white meat, so they're not the fatty type. Health-conscious peeps would usually order this part, but it's the part of the chicken that doesn't offer too much flavor. Good thing there's the Alfredo sauce. It had just the right amount of flavor that made the whole dish a success. I could taste a little bit of lime which gave a bit of that sour taste in the chicken. I wasn't too hungry that time but I eventually finished the dish (even the rice which I promised to eat only half of hahaha). I wasn't expecting the buttered vegetables to be string beans, but I would have wanted some corn and diced carrots in there to add a bit of color. Overall, I'd say it's an excellent meal. : )


Clam Pasta, 170 php

Glutton Girl: I wasn't into rice that time, so I got Nomnomnom's clam pasta. I'm very much addicted to seafood pasta, especially the ones that are cream based or oil based. In Italian restaurants I would always order Gamberetti, allo Scoglio, or Frutti di Mare, which, by the way, are all seafood pastas. What I liked about this dish is that you could really taste the seafood and the seasonings that they used. The only negative for me was that you had to remove the clams from the shell, which for me was a bit of a hassle. This is the not-so-good part about eating seafood pastas because it can be a real tedious and messy task. The pasta was firm though, not that al dente, but delicious nonetheless. It's a pasta that I would consider delicious comfort food.


Out-of-the-box, that is the exact term to describe Nomnomnom. They serve dishes that are yummy, healthy, and, believe it or not, happy. It's these kinds of dishes that would make us smile. Finding the place is definitely worth it because you're sure to have a good time not only with the food, but also with the ambiance. So remember, the next time you crave for good food, just follow Cookie Monster's advice...or uhhhh...his sound hahahahaha Nomnomnomnomnom!!! :D

Here's how we rated Nomnomnom:



(Nomnomnom Happy Food is located at 1 Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Streets, Quezon City. It's a bit difficult to spot, but try to look out for the Shell gas station and the World Class Persian Kebab. It's just near those landmarks.)

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